Platform for joy.

RSA Design Brief 2019

Duration: 1 Semester.

Commuters describe train stations as desolate and isolating spaces. They are entirely functional spaces where commuters feel they have no ownership or personality.

ArtBot, QuestionBot and ChatterBot designed to give commuters devices within the train station that they can interact with, in a fun and non-functional way.

To break up the monotony of the commute and give the station some much-needed personality. Giving commuters something to look forward to while in their daily routine

ArtBot printing piece in Killester station.
Process of different interventions in train stations.
Testing Proccess for the ArtBot and QuestionBot
Exploded view of ArtBot ChatterBot and QuestionBot
gif highlighting the operation of ArtBot ChatterBot and QuestionBot
ArtBot Printing out a piece of art in a train station
ChatterBot in a train station
QuestionBot in a train station.