Extended body.

Erasmus research project at Bauhaus

WinterSemester 2018

A cyborg is an organism which is amalgamated with a piece of technology, permanently extending that organisms natural body and/or senses.

For our project Cyborg: extended body/perception, we were tasked with looking at the theme of the Cyborg and what it means to be a cyborg. We were to design either for the world of a cyborg or to design a device which would extend either our bodily or perceptual senses thus making the user of this device a cyborg.

This spawned two projects, eSkin, a tactile user wearable inerface, creating a new sense of communication. Secondly, Gloove a wearable device which creates audible object recognition.

Project team members: Anton​ Brams (HCI), Aziz​ Niyazov (HCI), Constantin​ Noack (HCI), Diarmuid Farrell(Interaction Design), Valeriia Shakhova (Product Design)

Research team leads: Prof. Eva Hornecker, Dipl. Hannes Waldschütz, Michaela Honauer

eSkin interface
eSkin Process 1
eSkin Process 2
Gloove Process 1
Gloove Process 2
eSkin Hero 1
eSkin Hero 2
Gloove Hero 1
Gloove Hero 2