Python x Weave.


4 weeks

The Python x Weave project is a collaborative undertaking between a textile practitioner and an interaction designer. Its aim is to produce visualisations of three-dimensional woven structures based on the investigations undertaken as part of the FreeWeaver project.

This partnership emerged from our mutual interest in digital exploration of analogue tradition of weaving. It has been rooted in the tacit knowledge of both practitioners - on the one hand, Sylwia’s textile design and hand making experience and, on the other hand, Diarmuid’s programming and interactive software skills. As such, the Python x Weave project merges separate approaches to creative work, thus, working in conjunction with the notion of hybrid practice.

The physical and computerised processes feed into each other and have the potential to inform further developments in either discipline or, more notably, lead to the establishment of new, integrated ways of practising craft and design.

Collaboration project between Sylwia Orynek (RCA Textitles) and Diarmuid Farrell (NCAD Interaction design)

text to weave
Code translation
Weave process
Weave process
Weave process
Final Weave
Top view
Detail view