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My first post.

Fri, 21 Oct, 2022

A blog under construction.

My first blog post. A process to move my work from my drive into a public space. I want to act as its own platform for my work and gain control of how I display my digital self.

I want this to be an exercise in developing my language, both code and literary. This blog is an attempt to formalise my thinking.

I'm trying to maintain the context of my thinking that surrounds my experiments. A lot of my work is within a mixed digital world that's difficult to bring together using flat written formats, so I feel the open web platform has the capability to house all of these diverse formats in one space. I want visitors to my site to be able to interact with my work and get a feel for my thinking.

I recognize that a blog is an archaic way of displaying one's thoughts and work. However, I feel like there is a shift away from third-party platforms that have become ubiquitous over the last ten years. Algorithmically remixed content that latches onto the worst parts of your brain and takes hold of your body has become the focus of these platforms in recent years. The initial communal optimism is largely non-existent or struggling to survive. There is a move away from these platforms and onto more localised digital communities. The algorithm has pushed us into niche-specific communities of similar interests within their platforms, only now their giving us the boot in favor of mindless universally specific content.

I'm likely speaking into the void, but I want to record my work in a place that's mine.

Di_armuid · 'Daisy Daisy' - AI Bjork